Technology Partners & Affiliations

ORAM Corporate Advisors partners with, recommends, or is certified by the following organizations.

Cisco Select Certified Partner

ORAM Corporate Advisors is a Cisco Select Certified partner, and most recently achieved Cisco's Small Business Specialization.


ESET is a premier antivirus vendor, and is our #1 choice for battling spyware and malware for our clients.


Lenovo is the premier laptop vendor for small businesses. Proving themselves as reliable and cost-effective, we are happy to refer Lenovo products to our clients.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft is the most widely-used and highly reliable operating systems for enterprises of all sizes.


Hear ORAM CEO Ryan Barrett discuss why ORAM chose Mozy Pro as its data backup solution of choice for its clients.

OpenDNS Enterprise

OpenDNS Enterprise provides best-in-class web security and malware and spyware prevention for ORAM clients.

Salesforce is the premier CRM partner of choice for ORAM clients.

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