File Recovery & Data Back-Up Services

If your IT infrastructure crashed today, how long would file recovery take?
Minutes? Hours? Could you recover your files and data at all?

Believe it or not, many businesses rely on manual, inefficient backup processes, and that’s if they even have one in the first place. Not only do these processes consume unnecessary and costly resources, but also introduce multiple points of failure and risk.

And in the day-to-day life of business, any point of failure in file recovery that could compromise your infrastructure or business health is not one worth taking.

We Can Help

ORAM Corporate Advisors can help you implement a holistic file recovery and data backup solution which reduces your risk and keeps in-line with your operating budget, all while protecting your most valuable business asset – your data. 

Our file recovery and data backup services include:

  • Backup System Monitoring
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Comprehensive System Reporting
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Guaranteed Priority Response
  • IT Asset Tracking and Reporting
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Digital Archival Of Data, Images, Video And Audio Files
  • Hot Spare Programs
  • Data Assessment, Analysis And Recovery
  • Remote Backup Services

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