Case Study: ProCity Marketing

Case Study: ProCity Marketing

ORAM Corporate Advisors helps a small business power its client work and
growth through IT integration and support services.

The Problem

When ProCity Marketing was founded, the company had a deep marketing background but no IT expertise. In order to best serve its clients and smoothly run its business, ProCity had to establish an effective, optimized IT infrastructure which could scale seamlessly and at a moment's notice.

"In our past careers, we always had a full time internal IT team. Previous, larger businesses we had run always had several people supporting staff and the network. We're used to being a little spoiled and having this function handled. When ProCity was founded, we thought we would have to do it all [IT] ourselves," a founder of ProCity Marketing says. "We had no idea how thorough or supportive an outsourced IT solution could be. It's been years since we had the 'hands on' experience with IT, and we had become unfamiliar with the latest local area networking and other technologies."

The Solution

ProCity contacted technology integration specialists ORAM Corporate Advisors, who helps power small to medium-sized businesses through custom-built, affordable IT solutions and services.

After reviewing ProCity's growth goals, ORAM Corporate Advisors blueprinted an entire network system capable of supporting ProCity's workflow processes and scalability needs. ORAM Corporate Advisors also selected and installed the hardware, built and tested the network, and trained all ProCity Marketing users on their new IT infrastructure to ensure they used it according to company policy.

ORAM Corporate Advisors also provided ongoing IT support for the ProCity user base.


As an independent IT resource, ORAM Corporate Advisors was able to not only build the right IT foundation to satisfy ProCity's immediate needs, but also ensure that the foundation could grow seamlessly with the company. "What we anticipated to be a cumbersome, tedious process involving a lot of time on the telephone turned out to be effortless and hands-off. It all worked the first time – everything worked as expected, and we never paid for technology we didn't need. It just worked. Never broke, never went down. It was significantly less work than we expected." says ProCity.

ProCity saw the results prove its worth from the very beginning. "ORAM definitely provided us with a positive ROI in terms of missing past aggravations – we were able focus on running our business with confidence while knowing that our infrastructure and backend were completely handled."

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