Enterprise Security Toolkit for Small Business

Collection of resources, advice, and best practices
for small to mid-sized businesses

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Did you know that 63% of all data breaches committed last year were against companies with 100 employees or less? And 96% of those data breaches were preventable through simple or intermediate preventative measures?

In our Enterprise Security Toolkit for Small Businesses, we offer our best collection of security advice, tips, and news, including: 

  • The top 3 key vulnerabilities that hackers exploit
  • 5 ways to protect your wireless network
  • 5 warning signs that your system has been hacked
  • Security advice on how to handle departing employees and contractors
  • The top 10 security and configuration mistakes made when setting up your own IT network
  • Advice on enterprise data breaches, and their lessons for small businesses

Take the first step in creating a proactive and well-managed security program for your business.

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