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The internet grows by leaps and bounds every day. Websites are constantly being added, social media tools are ever-expanding, and the methods by which file-sharing can take place are becoming increasingly convenient and speedy. With the depth of resources available to its users, the internet can also be a dangerous place, making content filtering necessary for safe enterprise.

Content filtering is another product we’re bringing on to make the ORAM security suite an even more successful part of your business IT solutions. As a service for homes and businesses, Oram’s Content Filtering Service can help insure that whatever is being accessed through your system will not be harmful to it.

On your current system right now, through your internet connection, you probably can look at anything, including websites that may contain viruses that could spread to your computer. By utilizing content filtering, this service tells you on a category level what sites are good or bad to access.

How is this accomplished?

A website URL, such as, means nothing to a computer. When you type it into your web browser, the internet needs specific directions for you to find our website. Like GPS, Domain Name Servers (DNS) around the world to guide your web browser safely and quickly to Oram’s website.

When using Oram’s content filtering, all websites that are accessed are checked to make sure that the website you’re visiting is safe and allowed for your environment.

By making sure that your networks or computers use Oram’s content filtering service, you can take a proactive stance against viruses, malware, or other unintended malicious downloads in your environment. This ‘safety net’ protects your devices and network against accidental catastrophes that sometimes occur through carelessness, human error, or simple confusion on part of the user.

To put it simply, if you need directions when you browse the internet, we’ll give you the ones that will ensure you get to safe and secure websites, without any problems along the way. Whether it’s for your business or your home environment, the websites that you access will always have great content that will not harm your machine or infiltrate your system.

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