This Week in Breach: Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee: A large coffee chain in the United States. Risk to Small Business: Severe:A breach of this magnitude would have a negative impact on any organization for a long time. Around 40% of the company’s locations were affected by the breach, with all cards used during the breach being considered accessed. Individual Risk: Severe: Those affected byRead More

This Week in Breach: China – Boomoji

Boomoji: A Chinese company that makes personalized animated avatar to be sent over text and other various apps. Risk to Small Business: Severe: Exposed databases can be very embarrassing for a company because there is no excuse for leaving the database where customer information is stored unsecured. Customers are unlikely to return to the service, and if theyRead More

This Week in Breach: Quora

Quora: A popular question and answer site that boasts 300 million monthly active users. Risk to Small Business: Severe:People are not soon to forget that the question and answer site was unable to keep their data safe. This could cause a migration from any site to another similar one, something that is common among social media sitesRead More

Scam of the Week: Extortion is Back Again!

Extortion scams are back and they are getting more and more dangerous. This time, the bad guys are sending out emails, claiming they have a video of you watching an inappropriate website and then prompting you to download that video and see it for yourself. But if you do, your computer gets infected with ransomware!Read More