Why Is IT Asset Management So Critical For Your Business?

The business landscape has become quite competitive. Many prominent industries are already saturated, with new businesses still opening every day! This situation has put businesses in a tough position. They now have to maintain a great client experience while also staying ahead of their competitors. This calls for unique solutions to ensure that your businessRead More

The Week in Breach: Chipotle

Chipotle: American chain of fast casual restaurants Risk to Small Business: Severe: Several individuals took to Twitter and Reddit to report that their Chipotle accounts were being used to place unauthorized orders at locations across the country. However, many of the customers maintain that their passwords were unique to Chipotle, which could rule out the possibility of aRead More

Scam of the Week: Watch out for Fake Emails from HR

The bad guys know how easy it is to trick you with emails that spoof–or appear to come from–your Human Resources team. These attacks are everywhere right now. The emails are often centered around topics such as “new” or “changed” policies, employee benefits, employee handbooks, payroll, and W-2 information. Whenever you receive an email fromRead More

The Modern Office and Security: What you need to know about protecting your business and its data

One of the most critical components of the modern office environment for a healthy, scalable business infrastructure is security. It is the cornerstone of your IT for it protects the other components that your company needs to keep thriving and surviving in the modern marketplace. Today’s business security entails much more than just an anti-virusRead More