The Modern Office: Why a Strong IT Foundation Should Be the Basis of Your Business

Business builds itself from the ground up. Your business internet technology (IT) is no different, which is why your foundation is so critical. The modern office revolves around having strong IT in place. From communications to automated business processes and protecting valuable company data, your foundation is imperative to your organization’s ability to not onlyRead More

This Week in Breach: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Exploit: Malicious code script National Baseball Hall of Fame: American History Museum for Major League Baseball Risk to Small Business: Severe:The notorious hacking group MageCart infiltrated the National Baseball Hall of Fame, compromising the personal information of customers shopping on their e-commerce store. Hackers had access to shopper information for seven months, beginning in November 2018. TheRead More

Scam of the Week: Watch Out for Rebate Scams

Internet criminals are posing as trustworthy sources so they can trick you into thinking you have earned a reimbursement or rebate. If you fall for it, the bad guys will end up with your banking information or credit card number. They will pretend to be from the government, a bank, or another trusted organization, andRead More

Scam of the Week: Watch Out for Jeffrey Epstein Scams

Internet criminals never shy away from an opportunity to exploit the death of celebrities or well-known individuals. They use the “shock factor” to create fake controversy and trick people into falling for their dangerous click bait. You’ve likely heard about the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, who was recently found dead in his jail cell.Read More

This Week in Breach: Ameritas

Exploit: Phishing attackAmeritas: Insurance company operating as a subsidiary of Ameritas Mutual Holding Company Risk to Small Business: Severe: Several employees fell for a phishing scam and provided their credentials to hackers who used that information to access customer data. The insurance company disabled the affected accounts and issued a company-wide, mandatory password reset. The company’s quick actions certainlyRead More