This Week in Breach: Roundup

Exploit: Form-jacking attackTopps: Sports trading card and collectible company Read more Exploit: Unauthorized access of electronic health record systemSt. Francis Physician Services: Health system based in South Carolina Read more Exploit: Third-party employee breachSamsung Canada: Canadian arm of the Samsung Electronics company Read more Exploit: Theft of government employee laptop NWT Department of Health and Social Services: Health department for the Northwest Territories ofRead More

The Modern Office and Business Continuity

What you need to know to protect your company The modern office requires that all components of your business environment work together harmoniously to ensure the best use of your IT infrastructure and seamless scalability as your business grows. One of the major components of the modern office is business continuity. This is an imperativeRead More

This Week in Breach: American Consumers

American consumers: Online users in the United States Risk to Small Business: Severe:A malvertising campaign by the eGobbler group targeting U.S. users was launched over Presidents Day weekend, February 16-18, garnering some 800 million impressions. Those who clicked on the ads were redirected to a wide range of phishing sites that attempted to trick consumersRead More


If you have been keeping up with the latest the technology news, then you probably know about the Rubrik data leak. This hack exposed customer data and shined a light on the risks associated cloud storage. Did you know Amazon web services are launching a comprehensive data backup service solution for quicker and hassle-free dataRead More

The Value of Remote Assistance

Who is managing your business when you take time off? Who provides back up when your IT team is unavailable? What if you come across a problem that is beyond your technician’s scope of knowledge? A dedicated remote support service team can make sure that your business’s IT network runs smoothly 24/7. Even if yourRead More

Scam of the Week: Dangerous Office Attachments Bypassing Email Security

As always, you must be suspicious of all email attachments, because attackers are finding new ways to get around email security filters. The latest attack includes Microsoft Office attachments containing hyperlinks to dangerous websites. If you unknowingly download one of these attachments and click on a link from within the document, you will be broughtRead More