The Week in Breach: Wyzant

Exploit: Database infiltration  Wyzant: Online education marketplace that matches tutors with students Risk to Small Business: Severe: Hackers took advantage of a database anomaly to steal personally identifiable information (PII) from an undisclosed number of users on April 27, 2019. The tutoring company issued a patch to the database, and a more in-depth investigation is underway. Individual Risk:Read More

Scam of the Week: That Free Avengers: Endgame Download You Found Online? It’s a Scam!

If you’re looking to stream or download blockbuster movies when they’re still in theaters, you probably shouldn’t. Why not? Well, first and foremost, this is called piracy and it is illegal. Secondly, any “free downloads” you do find will likely be a scam. Recently, a popular search engine result for Avengers: Endgame claims to offer either aRead More

This Week in Breach: Partners in Care

Exploit: Phishing attack Partners in Care: Healthcare provider based in Bend, Oregon Customers Impacted: Unknown Risk to Small Business: Severe: A phishing attack compromised an employee’s email account towards the end of 2018, providing hackers with access to patients’ health information between November 17 and December 12. After completing a manual email review, the company concluded that sensitive patientRead More

This Week in Breach: EmCare

Exploit: Employee email account breachEmCare: Dallas-based healthcare provider that offers physician services and other healthcare functions Risk to Small Business: Severe: An unauthorized third party accessed employee emails, allowing them to view sensitive personal information and confidential patient data. Through this vulnerability, hackers were able to access as many as 60,000 individual records, including 31,000 patient records. TheRead More

How Can These Strategic IT Consulting Services Benefit Your Business?

IT Consulting Services

In the age of digital revolution, businesses are increasingly reliant upon their IT infrastructure. After all, the use of technology to manage routine operations has become necessary, especially if businesses want keep up with their competitors. The entire business landscape is evolving with the help of technological business solutions. It is, therefore, so important toRead More