Major components of a solid cybersecurity plan for businesses

It happens every day. Businesses of all sizes experience data breaches which can lead to the loss of proprietary or private client data, damage a company’s reputation, or even unleash lawsuits. The consequences can be so damaging, in fact, that an organization may face closure as a result. In addition to the aforementioned concerns, smallRead More


This Week in Breach: BlackMediaGames (Town of Salem)

BlankMediaGames: Game maker of ‘Town of Salem’. Risk to Small Business: Severe:With a number as high as 7.6M users exposed, this cyberattack has the potential to be game-changing. News broke that DeHashed, a commercial breach indexing service, discovered the successful attack before Christmas and tried alerting the company, but no actions were made to secure the hackedRead More

Scam of the Week: Protect Your Mobile Device: Watch out for Malicious Apps in Your App Store

The bad guys are developing malicious applications with the hopes of making their way into your mobile device’s app store –and sometimes they’re successful. Recently, over 100,000 people across the globe downloaded applications containing spyware from a reputable app store. According to researchers, this spyware steals personal information like your call logs, contacts, photo andRead More

The Week in Breach: BevMo


BevMo: Alcohol retailer. Risk to Small Business: Severe: As payment security continues to rise in importance to online shoppers, such an attack can strike a crushing blow to sales and bottom-line profits. Competition in the online retail landscape is cutthroat as is, so a newsworthy breach like this has the potential to turn customers away by shining aRead More