This Week in Breach: Georgia’s Administrative Office of the Courts and Judicial Council of Georgia

Exploit: Ransomware Georgia’s Administrative Office of the Courts and Judicial Council of Georgia: Digital information arm for the Georgia state court system Risk to Small Business: Severe: A malware attack infected the agency’s computer network with ransomware, encrypting their files and disrupting many of their services. Officials have yet to reveal the ransom amount, but it marksRead More

Why Trust ORAM As A Hospitality Consultant In Boston?

Running or operating a hospitality division can be a strenuous job comprising of several facilities and processes. If one department fails to function properly due to a technical issue or IT problem, the entire chain is affected. This, in turn, impacts the efficiency of the workforce and the productivity of the organization.  These problems areRead More

Business Challenges In 2019 and How To Face Them

In 2019, the focus is on innovation in business. The business landscape is competitive and overcrowded, and the demand is growing for businesses to utilize their resources wisely. Before we cover which business challenges you should be aware in 2019, let us give you an overview of what we do!. IT Consulting firms of Boston,Read More

This Week in Breach: ResiDex Software

Exploit: Unauthorized network access ResiDex Software: Software provider for assisted-living, group facilities, and care-giving organizations Risk to Small Business:  Severe: When the software company was the victim of a ransomware attack on April 9th, it discovered unauthorized network access starting on April 2nd. ResiDex launched an IT forensics investigation, which determined that no company information was accessed in theRead More