Small Business Technology: BestVendor's Business Tools Infographic

Mashable published a great infographic this morning on the Web & Business Tools startups use the most. Built by the folks at BestVendor, the survey includes feedback from over 550 startup staffers on their favorite tools for email, accounting, web analytics, CRM, productivity, design, storage and more.

While there is a wealth of information and ideas in the infographic which we encourage you to review, there are two key takeaways we’d like to highlight:

  1. The core of small business tools is moving to the cloud:
    From Salesforce to Google Apps, we see an interesting shift to cloud-based technologies that power small businesses. Even more interesting is vendors such as DropBox, who won the top vote as most popular storage/backup/virtualization product.

    While ORAM Corporate Advisors supports the move to cloud-based services, there are a few tips and best practices that we recommend to keep in mind when making your new IT home in the cloud.
  2. While there are a wealth of products available, well-planned integration is the only key to success:
    There are over 30 product categories listed on this infographic, and we know that’s only a small insight into the wealth of products available for small to medium-sized businesses. The key to building a healthy, scalable infrastructure is not in the number of products that you have, but how well they integrate together to support your business goals and strategies.

    For example, having products such as a CRM system, email platform, social media tools, billing and finance packages and support tools separately are great, but think of how powerful the solution would be if they all integrated and worked together to provide total visibility into the performance of your business. Not to mention having these tools work seamlessly across your in-office and mobile workforce.

Overall, the message from the infographic is clear – SMBs and startups are changing the way we all do business. Cloud-based technologies have helped these companies launch and achieve their goals faster than ever before. With a sound IT perspective and clear strategy for growth, these companies can achieve anything they put their mind to.

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Are there other tools which you utilize that didn’t make BestVendor’s list? What other cloud-based technologies do you depend on to run your business? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments today.

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