This week in breach: Shopper Approved

Exploit: Malicious code. Shopper Approved: Utah-based company that provides a review widget for other companies’ websites, that allows customers to post reviews. Individual Risk: Severe: Those affected by this breach should cancel their credit cards and enroll in a credit monitoring service. Customers Impacted: Unclear how many customers were affected by this breach, but only sites with the widgetRead More

The Week in Breach-Apollo

Apollo: New York-based sales engagement startup. Risk to Small Business: Severe: This could deal a significant blow to an organization’s ability to retain customers. Individual Risk: Severe: The customers affected by this breach will be at a higher risk for spam due to the nature of the data accessed. Customers Impacted: 200 million. How it Could Affect You: A breach that exposesRead More

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

A look at cyber awareness and tips for protecting yourself online Whether you are turning on the television, checking the daily newsfeed online, or reading a magazine, you’re sure to hear about the breach of a major business such as Yahoo, a data leak by the government, or hackers attacking a local school. Over theRead More

This week in Breach: Facebook

Exploit: Web vulnerability. Facebook: Facebook is a social media platform that is one of the Internet’s most popular websites. Individual Risk: Moderate: The data accessed puts those affected by this breach at an increased risk for identity theft, spam and targeted phishing campaigns. Customers Impacted: 50 million. Facebook being such a large and widely-used social media platform means that itRead More